Episode 2 - McKrae Game: "Ex-Gay" Ministry Leader "Comes Out"

Charlie interviews McKrae Game. McKrae is the author of The Transparent Life and served for 20+ years in a nationally recognized ex-gay ministry, Hope For Wholeness. McKrae recently came out as gay…not ex-gay. Of course, that caused quite a stir in ministry circles.

In McKrae’s first public interview since leaving ministry, he discusses a number of things including how The Church has not handled the LGBT+ conversation very well over the years, the ineffectiveness of Reparative Therapy, same-sex marriage, his reason for leaving ministry, his coming out, and some things for The Church to consider as they have conversations around these subjects in the years to come.

Charlie and McKrae agree on a lot of things and disagree on a few. This is a respectful, honest, fun, and mature conversation, had over a few beers, aiming to shed some light on the complexity of the subject that is so often treated as “simple”.

McKrae’s book, The Transparent Life, is available on Amazon. Used copies are available now. But, McKrae is in the process of revising it to reflect some of his more recent experiences and understanding, and expected to re-release it soon.

You can connect with McKrae on Facebook.

Episode 1 - Progressive Guitar Band, Pale Glow, Releases Self-Titled EP

Charlie interviews Jake Poteat and Nate Gaffney of the progressive guitar band, Pale Glow.

Pale Glow wrote, recorded, and released their first self-titled EP recently. Charlie, Nate, and Jake talk about what it means to do what you are created to do, the decisions required along the way, and the work ethic that is essential to reach our goals.

Jake and Nate play never-before-heard acoustic versions of two of the songs on their EP, Blaze and Sonder. That’s quite a feat considering, this was recorded in Charlie’s sunroom and these songs are typically played on 8-string electric guitars.

Pale Glow’s self-titled EP is available on iTunes & Google Play.

You can connect with Pale Glow on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

Check out Pale Glow’s electric version of Sonder (YouTube Play-Through) off the self-titled EP! Videography by Dillon Holzheimer.