The Ramblings of an (Ir)Reverend, Political Mutt & Cerevisaphile, with Sporadic Doses of Tin-Foil-Hat Humor

(Ir)Reverend: A middle-aged, seminary-educated, ordained minister no longer working for The Church, who is thus now considered irrelevant by The Church (as well as the private sector), and who has found enough freedom from stereotypical religiosity to thus now be considered irreverent by some.

Political Mutt: 1) One whose compassion aligns with Democrats, whose pragmatism aligns with Republicans, and whose understanding of personal freedom & the role of government aligns with Libertarians. 2) A politically tribe-less individual that sounds liberal to conservatives and conservative to liberals; can get along with almost anyone, but nonetheless, an inevitable offender of tribal dogmatists.

Cerevisaphile: A devotee to the decoction of barley infused with hops and fermented.

Tin Foil Hat: The universal symbol of those suspicious of The Man (a conglomerate of smooth-talking, shadow-dwelling power brokers, who, for their own gain, manipulate the populous without the populous’ knowledge or consent).